Report on the FameLab International Final – Part 3

Milivoje Krvavac – Serbia

Milivoje Krvavac explains why amphibia are under threat of extinction

Milivoje Krvavac explains why amphibia are under threat of extinction

A precious animal risks the extinction because it’s the only one unable to leave its niches. Milivoje took the part of frogs, which along with other amphibians is nowadays more and more in threat. On the stage there is no space for jokes, and Milivoje drove the judgers and the audience straight to the point: frogs are a key component of the ecosystem where humans live. Screwing with the ecosystem where frogs live reduce their territory and lead to catastrophic consequence for the Earth. Moreover, add Milivoje, frogs are the natural sources for uncountable components used in science and medicine. But there is a hope: a center in Sri Lanka, [where this FameLabber works] have the mission to preserve these species, freezing their genomic heritage and repopulating those area on the planet where frogs and other animals are in shortage, Milivoje said. The essential message that this FameLabber brought on stage silenced the judgers, whom thanked him for having shared such important topic often dismissed in popular science.

Monika Koperska – Poland

Monika Koperska convince the judgers that old fashion paper may be the solution for future data storage

Monika Koperska convince the judgers that old fashion paper may be the solution for future data storage

What is the most reliable material to storage our data on? Monika jumped immediately on the core of the issue as soon as she got on stage: the recent massive production of data poses the question on where to put all these information. Magnetic film? CDs? Memory sticks or hard disks? All stuff with short half-life, according to Monika, that will save your data for just dozens of years before demagnetize. Monika mentioned the Cloud as an unstable location for data, where they could be at the mercy of data storms and piracy. Monika proposes an old-fashion solution: paper. Monika made audience reflect on the fact that well-stored paper can be preserved up to 400 years. This is possible do to the de-acidification process that protect the chain of cellulose, the organic polymers that composes the paper, Monika explained. With an effective use of objects on stage, and her powerful acting that revealed great passion for the message delivered, Monika charmed both audience and the judgers. For these reasons, this FameLabber won both the first prize from the audience and the second place from the judgers shared with Ioannis Karypide.

Ioannis Karypides – Cyprus

Ioannis Karypides and its 100.000x model of man soldier

Ioannis Karypides and its 100.000x model of man soldier

Respect your soldiers and stop bad habits that reduce their performance. Ioannis doesn’t bit around the bush: the incredible journey that sperms have to face in the vagina to reach its goal its a massacre. After been shot from a ‘big bazuka’, Ioannis professionally explained that the acidic environment of the female genital kills more then 95% of these brave soldiers. Continuing their fatigue, sperms have to face tight paths and the surveillance of the women immunosystem, which will try to suppress the intruders. Likely, our soldiers have a good strategy to overcome this, Ioannis said: part of them will ‘change dress’ to attract the enemy fire, to facilitate the few selected candidates, the ‘champions’, to continue the run. This was definitely the most engaging talk of the entire event; with uncontainable laugh inspired by the direct speak of Ioannis. The scientific message was not undertaken, and this FameLabber concluded with the evergreen: ‘respect your body and enjoy sex’. This trigged explosive applauses at the end of the show, and ensured him the second position of the competition, together with Monika Koperska.

I conclude with the inspiring words of Annalisa Mierla right after the end of the final:

10, 100, 1.000 FameLab!

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