NIH backs LGBT research

NIH_logoThe NIH director Francis Collins announced this month the permanently establishment of the Trans-NIH Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Research Coordinating Committee (RCC) which aims to address LGBT and Inter-sexual health related issues.

Back in February 2012, the NIH first set three Funding Opportunity Announcements in support of LGBT-related research. Though I failed to fetch the actual amount of money invested for these calls, the proposals aimed to “describes the biological, clinical, behavioral, and social processes that affect the health and development among LGBTI populations and among their families”.  NIH wants to develop effective interventions and health service that will enhance the health and development of the LGTBI community. Depression and suicide risk, obesity and cancer risk, long-term hormone use effects, sexually-transmitted disease and substance abuse are the targets of the funding announcement.

Lastly, NIH also lunched a “Sexual orientation and gender identity data-collection workshop”, aimed to standardize the methods used the collection of data for homosexual and transexual identity. Defining correctly people within the LGBTI community is the very first step to define the research area and further interventions.

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