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Queerolinska brings “gay science” on stage


The LGBTQ student association of Karolinska Institutet announces the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Science Symposium ever hosted in Stockholm.

The appointment is for November 20, at Medicinska Föreningen, Nobels Väg 10, Solna Campus.

Visa större karta

Queerolinska is the student association that promotes LGBTQ awareness within academia, with the mandate to connect queer students and employees through social activities and meetings.

Last summer, Queerolinska guided Karolinska Institute to its first Pride Parade, the first time a medical university ever speak out so clearly in favor of its LGBT community, according to the magazine Science Career.

Karolinska marches at Stockholm Pride Parade. Augusts 2013. credit:  Andrea Lindström for Medicor
Karolinska marches at Stockholm Pride Parade. Augusts 2013. credit: Andrea Lindström for Medicor

The LGBT Science Symposium is the latest efforts of Queerolinska, that want to bring the evidence, the experiments and epidemiological studies around homosexuality in front of Karolinska academic body, future medical doctor and administrators.

Personally, I think that better understanding of homosexuality – like for many other natural phenomena – from the evolutional, biological and medical prospective is instrumental to defeat fears and ignorance about being gay. Our symposium is of particular interest to policy makers, as a speaker will present social aspect of same-sex parenting, a topic of particular interest in Sweden, where legislation has recently introduced same-sex adoption.

The association welcomes everyone to attend the meeting, to bring idea and promote discussion around a topic that rises so much curiosity, but too little answers.


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