About Me

About_me_imageHi There,

I’m a PhD student in Medical Science at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, and I opened this blog because I need to talk to you.

I love to promote my science to the general audience and to other scientists from different fields. Wanna know what is my rocket science about? Click here!

But I am not only a skilled pipetting machine.

I am an excellent science communicator. My experience in this topic granted me the National FameLab Award 2012, a talent scout competition that seeks the future ‘Brian Cox’ of science communication. More info and my personal experience can be found here and at Cheltenham Science Festival 2012.

I am a freelance science journalist. I write regularly for the Italian Biotechnology Association (ANBI) and less regularly for other italian magazines.

I help Karolinska Institute in numerous activities: I’m responsible for the PR of the Tumor Biology program, a group of professors and students that promote education for future leading experts in tumor biology.

I organize interdisciplinary conference here at KI, with the disclosed goal to bridge the gap between experts and interested scientist from different fields (Nov2k).

I have experience in developing ideas with designers within life science, as a successful collaboration with Experience Designer from Konstfack school could tell (Bench to Bed group).

I participated in the second edition of #SciFund, a global crowd-funding movement of scientists who ask directly to people to fund their research projects.

To conclude, my key words are geek and skeptic. And I am proud of it. I pay particular attention to the geek movement on the web, I follow people like Lyndsay PetersFestival of the Spoken NerdsGeek PopSkeptics in the Pub#GeekManifestoBen Goldacrenerdfighters, and so on.

What can I do for you?