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Get PhD students into Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings: #BtoB project part II

The mission of Bench to Bed (BtoB) continues. We are a group of motivated medical/nursing students/medical science, designers and professors gathered to pinpoint where Karolinska Institutet should get better on to promote interdisciplinary research. Last year, a couple of great experience designers,…

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My PhD thesis in two minutes: the PhD Comics Contest

Ops, I did it again. Running after my burning desire to bring science outside these academic walls, I engaged into a new contest for science communication: The PhD Comics: 2 Minutes Thesis Contest. The contenders are asked to narrate in two…

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#FameLab – Italy. My Bologna selection

Last week I had the privilege to take part in FameLab local selection, in Bologna. FameLab is an international competition firstly organized in England at the Cheltenham Science Festival (UK) in 2005. The intiative looked so good that the British Council (UK’s international…

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the PhD Movie at Karolinska Institutet

Jorge Cham made this for us

Jorge Cham and his “PhD, the Movie” came to Karolinska Institutet last November, 2011. A batch of PhD students from Karolinska Institutet (Solna Campus, for who knows) and I, had organized the screening of  “Piled Higher and Deeper” The Movie,…

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