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Did KI Working Groups become more English-friendly?

Maybe not all the the 2.300 PhD students at Karolinska Institutet knows that they are officially represented by the Doctoral Student Association (DSA) of Medicinska Föreningen. This section has the legal mandate to represent doctoral students in front of KI, and…

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The day I met Pascale Cossart

My brain and heart jumps simultaneously while my eyes start vaguely at the black TV screen in my hotel room. I just attended a keynote lecture by Pascale Cossart, an award-winning bacteriologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris who’s dedicated her carrier to study Listeria monocytogenes,…

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Why Polly Matzinger rescued my Science.

Back in May, I wrote a long email to Polly Matzinger, an iconic immunologist from NIH, to invite her to Nov2k, a student-organized symposium at Karolinska Institutet, on November 8th-9th. I felt like a teenager daring to ask an autograph…

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“PhD Comics” awards Theologist for studies on Eucharist. Not exactly rocket science.

Just really got it: the second Jorge Cham tweeted the winners of the “2 minutes thesis competition“, hosted by PhD Comics that will be featured in PhDTV. I entered the competition myself, a month ago, when along with more then…

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#SciFund project is about to start! -5 days

-5 days to the launch of my crowdfunding campaign for science! Do you want to know is a scientist will ever be able to get funded for his/her research directly from the people out there? Follow my insane idea of…

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#SciFund Challange 2: Pop science rises money

I am taking part of #SciFund Challenge 2 – Starting day: May 2012. What is #SciFund? SciFund is an experiment: can scientist and researcher grant their projects through online crowdfunding systems? The experiment was peroformed already once, back in 2011….

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#FameLab – Italy. My Bologna selection

Last week I had the privilege to take part in FameLab local selection, in Bologna. FameLab is an international competition firstly organized in England at the Cheltenham Science Festival (UK) in 2005. The intiative looked so good that the British Council (UK’s international…

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Engagement, but not too much: How Medicinska Föreningen wishes to “activate international students”

This post is an update to my preveus entry “Non-swedish-speaker students cannot be enrolled into groups that discuss education projects. karolinska institutet”. The previous episode: Months ago, an animated discussion in our Campus was trigged by a couple of infamous…

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Lessons supervisors can teach to students: be ready.

Few days ago, my supervisor came to me and another PhD student to talk about the group economy situation. The upcoming isn’t exactly bright: said straight, lab founding is no longer guaranteed and I have to be ready: I may…

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Non-Swedish-speaker students cannot be enrolled into groups that discuss education projects. Karolinska Institutet.

Today I received an email from a PhD student that started with the not-very enthusiastic headline:  Information only of importance to Swedish-speaking PhD students followed by Swedish text. To the doctoral student mailing list of this Medical University comes a…

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