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Get PhD students into Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings: #BtoB project part II

The mission of Bench to Bed (BtoB) continues. We are a group of motivated medical/nursing students/medical science, designers and professors gathered to pinpoint where Karolinska Institutet should get better on to promote interdisciplinary research. Last year, a couple of great experience designers,…

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Bioinformatic course – day4

Today bioinformatic lab was GREAT! Though we insist in working with datasets of no relevance what so ever to me (and unknown from the beginning), I really enjoyed using Galaxy to find out where on Ch19 of mice, a X…

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Bioinformatic course – day 3

The lab of today have been a substantial disaster. We have been asked to use R to interrogate a microarray deposited in GEO. Excluding the fact that people didn’t even know what R was and coding was like: WTF?! for…

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Italian Stem-Cell law will be “substantially changed”

Up to date, about 100 people in Italy have been injected with unapproved stem-cells derived from the secret protocol of Daniele Vannoni, a psychologist self-elected as the medical doctor that will provide free cure to terminally-ill patients, defeating the bad pharmacological industry….

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Bioinformatic Course – day 2

Today the frontal lectures were not more exciting then yesterday. In the first part of the morning we talked about Alignments. And with talk, I mean: we scrolled a long list of programs that you can use to do alignments, and…

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Bioinformatic course – the understanding from day 1

I started today a course in bioinformatic and to be frank I am not super enthusiast. As other courses I attended in the past, it starts by declaring all the wonderful things bioinformatic can do for you, but it fails its…

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Italian stem-cell therapy: could have been worse

The italian Governments keep falling in the same mistake: disregarding evidence-based policy in favor of populistic decisions. But policy makers are not to be blamed (entirely) for such poor political performances. ———————————————————————————————————— The High Chamber of the italian Parliament has recently approved the draft of…

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Italian politicians should talk like PhD students

This weekend, italians will vote to renovate the national Parliament that will rein the country for the next 5 years. Foreseeing the possibility to attract politicians attention on the matters of science, a bunch of respectful geeks created a group named “Dibattito Scienza” (Science Debate) to address few…

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Pharma must register trials and disclose results: why it matters

In science, policy and economy, unflattering data get often disregarded. If, as a scientist, your experiment does not support your initial hypothesis, you can do two things: repeat it until it satisfies you and publish it, or acknowledge the fact that your…

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Do we die of guns?

These days, US media have been focused on the impact that gun ownership has in homicides, due to the tragic massive-murder that occurred last month in Newtown. I previously covered the overall inconsistency of data that correlate gun ownership with increased murder rates. That analysis was…

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