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#SciFund -1 day

The project is online! Clicking “SEND” had never been more rewarding! Tonight at 00:00 the page of the project will be featured on RocketHub website and you can see what we did, decided whether the project is worth it and…

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#SciFund Challenge -4 days

Here we go. It’s 01:00 am of Saturday 28th and I am straggling with rewards, video editing, project description (damn typos!), advertisements… Fortunately I am spending this fab friday evening with Nazzareno, the graphic designer who prepared the official logo…

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#SciFund project is about to start! -5 days

-5 days to the launch of my crowdfunding campaign for science! Do you want to know is a scientist will ever be able to get funded for his/her research directly from the people out there? Follow my insane idea of…

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#SciFund Challange 2: Pop science rises money

I am taking part of #SciFund Challenge 2 – Starting day: May 2012. What is #SciFund? SciFund is an experiment: can scientist and researcher grant their projects through online crowdfunding systems? The experiment was peroformed already once, back in 2011….

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