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Bioinformatic course – day4

Today bioinformatic lab was GREAT! Though we insist in working with datasets of no relevance what so ever to me (and unknown from the beginning), I really enjoyed using Galaxy to find out where on Ch19 of mice, a X…

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Bioinformatic course – day 3

The lab of today have been a substantial disaster. We have been asked to use R to interrogate a microarray deposited in GEO. Excluding the fact that people didn’t even know what R was and coding was like: WTF?! for…

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Bioinformatic course – the understanding from day 1

I started today a course in bioinformatic and to be frank I am not super enthusiast. As other courses I attended in the past, it starts by declaring all the wonderful things bioinformatic can do for you, but it fails its…

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