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FameLab: the Italian Final – preview

And here I am again: at the final of FameLab Italy! But this year I will have the privilege to sit on a very special chair: as judger. Tonight I’ll have the duty to elect the third Italian Champion of…

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3…2…1: FameLab is in the house!


The countdown is over. Last friday, December 6th, FameLab was introduced to Sweden. FameLab is the science communication competition where brave and passionate nerds attempt to convey a complex scientific message in three minutes. Any trick is allowed, even gigantic glasses. The competition was created…

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FameLab comes to Sweden – we look for ORGANIZERS

FameLab in Sweden?

FameLab is a brilliant and fresh popular communication event, where enthusiasts deliver a scientific message in 3 minutes, without slide. Since 2005, where the format arrived at Cheltenham Science Festival, the contest has spread all over the world. But not…

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My PhD thesis in two minutes: the PhD Comics Contest

Ops, I did it again. Running after my burning desire to bring science outside these academic walls, I engaged into a new contest for science communication: The PhD Comics: 2 Minutes Thesis Contest. The contenders are asked to narrate in two…

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Science is stuff for girls, and no one told me!

Zapping on Tweeter today I noticed Helen Arney (watch her geek songs, totally worth it!) ‏retweeting this video: Science is a girl thing. I don’t exactly remember last time I saw a female colleague of mine walking in the lab on 13…

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Report on the FameLab International Final – Part 3

Milivoje Krvavac – Serbia A precious animal risks the extinction because it’s the only one unable to leave its niches. Milivoje took the part of frogs, which along with other amphibians is nowadays more and more in threat. On the stage…

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Report on the FameLab International Final – Part 2

Here comes the second part of my report on the great show on last June 15 at Cheltenham Science Festival: the FameLab International Final. Here you find part 1. Andrew Steele – UK How science saves your cinema date? Andrew…

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Report on the FameLab International Final – Part 1

I just got back home for the Cheltenham Science Festival with the ackward feeling to have left right before the real fun began. I’ll never stop telling people how amazing my experience has been, and how honored I am of…

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The Cheltenham Festival of Science – UK

I am sitting in the dining room of the Town Hall of Cheltenham, a lovely city on the West cost of England. In spite the fact that this place counts few thousands of souls, this week has happen something amazing…

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#FameLab – Italy. My Bologna selection

Last week I had the privilege to take part in FameLab local selection, in Bologna. FameLab is an international competition firstly organized in England at the Cheltenham Science Festival (UK) in 2005. The intiative looked so good that the British Council (UK’s international…

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