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Nature Magazine sings the praises of non-existing cure

In its recent Outlook on Cancer Immunotherapy, the respectable journal Nature features an article that talks about MBVax, a Vancouver-based company that “produces cancer vaccine for compassionate use to countries where government regulators allowed its importation and use”. Mmmh… MBVax does not…

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Pseudo-science meets pseudo-political power: the celebration of nonsense

The Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin is probably doing the best she can to handle the controversy of a popular “stem-cell therapy”, invented by the psychologist Davide Vannoni, who gained national notoriety thanks to unwise media hype in Italy. Vannoni’s…

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Italian Stem-Cell law will be “substantially changed”

Up to date, about 100 people in Italy have been injected with unapproved stem-cells derived from the secret protocol of Daniele Vannoni, a psychologist self-elected as the medical doctor that will provide free cure to terminally-ill patients, defeating the bad pharmacological industry….

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